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Bulletproof Tires for Your Car? Why You Need Run Flat Tires

Bulletproof tires

Bulletproof tires can be a must-have if you want to increase your Batman Factor. He can stop fighting crime because he ran over a nail. Security is not just for presidents and ambassadors anymore. Individuals and families are also thinking about security and their own safety. So the demand for bulletproof vehicles has heightened in recent years. 

According to Texas Armoring Corp, the number of Armored vehicles currently in use worldwide is between 200,000 and 300,000. Brazil takes the lead, having the highest per capita number of armored vehicles. Other countries where armored vehicles are in high demand are Mexico. The United States and West African nations such as Nigeria. 

Why Bulletproof Tires?

Bulletproofing services are provided for almost any vehicle by private companies such as Armortek, Armormax, and INKAS Armored Cars. Even popular automobile manufacturers such as BMW, Audi, and Ford now equip their vehicles with armored protection. 

Armor specialty companies and car manufacturers provide some levels of protection. This is also from various arms, but they all equip their vehicles with bulletproof tires. 

It’s common knowledge among drivers that driving a car on a flat is not safe or easy. Here is a list of amazing bulletproof tires and how they are made. You need to have a plan incase something does not go the way you though it would.

Types of Bullet Proof Tires

Making bulletproof tires isn’t that simple. Here is the idea behind a bulletproof tire. Deflection or absorption of energy from a missile or bullet so that the tires are still usable even after impact. Several designs are available for bulletproof tires.

  1. Tires Made With Thick Durable Rubber: Tires made with thick, durable rubber can withstand penetration from an ordinary handgun bullet. But most can’t withstand the bullets or missiles from the heavy armory and high caliber guns.

    Bullets from high caliber guns and heavy armory can only penetrate a tire made with thick, durable rubber, but only from a certain angle. The rubber these types of tires are made with is 10 times thicker than the conventional tires, making them considerably heavier. 
  2. Self-inflating Bulletproof Tires: A lot of consumer tires are equipped with systems that automatically monitor tire pressure. But they are not equipped to inflate deflated tires automatically. Self-inflating tire systems are used basically to adjust tire pressure automatically.
  3.  Airless Tires: With airless tires, there is no worry about tires ever getting punctured. This bulletproof tire can withstand severe landscapes, the force of explosions, and gunfire. The only shortcoming of the airless tire is that it can only travel at a maximum speed of 25mph.
  1.  Bulletproof Tires With Solid Metal Ring Inside: These bulletproof tires have solid metal or plastic hoop inserted in the tire. The edges are smooth to prevent cutting the rubber, and they are strong enough to resist bullets. The solid metal band also maintains the shape of the tire in penetration from a projectile.

    If there is a penetration, the vehicle can still keep moving at a speed of 50mph. It can do for as long as an hour because the metal rings can support the vehicle’s weight for that time. Also, at that speed without major fatalities. 
  1.  Self-sealing tires: These bulletproof tires are made with special materials that close up after impact from a bullet. It will seal the opening made by the bullet. After impact, the tire retains its pressure which allows the vehicle to keep moving. It can do this for up to an hour, a good amount of time to avoid danger.  

 Do Bulletproof Tires Actually Exist?

The correct wording is actually “run-flat tires.” What run-flat tires allow a vehicle to keep on moving for up to 60 miles after damage. This is to help passengers and the vehicle escape an otherwise fatal situation. 

Out of all the designs available, the airless tire is probably the most resistant towards bullets and even nails. Some airless tire designs on the market are the Resilient Technologies airless tire. And the Michelin tweel is made with rubber spokes to provide cushioning. 

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Self-Supporting And Support Ring System Run-Flat Tires

Run-flat tires became available in the auto market back in the mid-1980s. Some automobile manufacturers now include them as a piece of standard equipment on new vehicles. 

A lot of drivers find the run-flat tires convenient because it lets them get to a safe spot. Or a service station to change the tires. 

The self-supporting and the supporting ring system are the two primary run-flat systems. The self-supporting run-flat tire is reinforced with a sidewall supporting the vehicle if there is air loss.

At the same time, the support ring system run-flat tire has rings of hard rubber. This or some other material of equal strength built into it to bolster the weight of the vehicle. This aids it after there has been a penetration. 

So technically, there is nothing like bulletproof tires, just run-flat tires. 

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Improving Your Batman Factor With Bulletproof Tires

The Batman Factor is about living in a way that you could become Batman if you wanted to. Batman can fight and beat up bad guys, but he is also smart. He knows how to maintain his privacy and create contingency plans. Batman is great at thinking of the worst-case scenario and then covering hit butt. Run-flat tires will make sure that you can get to safety no matter how sticky your situation is.