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Bruce Wayne Fugitive: A Complete Guide To This Story

bruce wayne fugitive

There have been many iconic stories of Batman over the years. But one thing that the fans crave for is to see Bruce Wayne in action as well. Bruce Wayne like his alter-ego Batman is also one of the most loved comic book characters. His emotional and traumatic backstory where his parents are killed in front of him when he is a child is enough to make anybody attached to Bruce. But in this article, we will see a plot that makes not Batman but Bruce Wayne a fugitive of the law.

Who would have thought that someone as charming as Bruce Wayne can also be arrested by the Gotham city cops? Can you even imagine that the person who is responsible for practically running Gotham city with his social welfare projects becomes a fugitive of the law? To make you familiar with this interesting storyline we will summarize it in this article. The storyline in which Bruce becomes a fugitive is titled, Bruce Wayne: Fugitive.

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Events Leading to Bruce Wayne: Fugitive

This storyline is in direct continuation of the Bruce Wayne: Murderer storyline. At the end of this storyline, Bruce Wayne finds his girlfriend Vesper Fairchild murdered in Wayne Manor. And is arrested on the spot because the police also arrive at the Manor. His personal bodyguard Sasha Bordeaux is also arrested as an accomplice to the murder.

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The Batfamily discovers that all the evidence points to Bruce being the murderer. And even his alibi as Batman is insufficient to free him. Because the evidence points to the fact that Vesper knew the true identity of Batman. Thus giving him the motive to murder her. Meanwhile, Sasha also knew the true identity of Batman and was out with him when the murder took place. But she chose not to reveal his identity to the authorities to get out of jail.

Bruce is incarcerated in the Blackgate Penitentiary after being arrested. But becomes frustrated at the lack of developments. And escapes from the Penitentiary with the intent of living only as Batman at the end of this storyline.

Bruce Wayne: Fugitive Storyline

The Bruce Wayne: Fugitive picks up directly after this story. And Batman and the Batfamily are still investigating Vesper’s murder. Oracle and Black Canary discover a disk drive that reveals that the journal entries from Vesper’s apartment have been altered. This meant that Vesper did not know Batman’s true identity.

Meanwhile, Batgirl discovers Vesper’s corpse and notices that the wounds inflicted on her are a result of calculated beatings. And the primary cause of her death is a toxic nerve gas. On discovering all this new evidence the Batfamily becomes sure that Bruce Wayne does not have it in himself to kill her lover in this torturous way. And can not kill in general because deep down all the brooding and playboy attitude of Bruce Wayne he is a good person who just can not kill another human being.

Batman’s Investigation

But Batman is ready to give up his actual identity of Bruce Wayne. And begins to investigate his framing independently. His investigation leads him to discover an extensive plot aiming to discredit the credibility of Bruce Wayne and make him a fugitive of the law.

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Furthermore, Batman realizes the importance of Bruce Wayne for Gotham after having a chat with Catwoman. He also has a chat with the detective that comforts him after his parent’s death and he realizes that everything that happened on that fateful night has made him who he is.

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And he has done everything to protect Gotham from criminals because that is what Thomas Wayne would have wanted. He initiated new charitable programs for the welfare of the people like Bruce Wayne because that is what his father wanted. Not just Batman but Bruce Wayne was also the protector of Gotham because if Batman was there to protect the city at night. Bruce Wayne did it on the days by donating everything he owns and inspiring Gotham’s elite into doing the same.

Ending of Bruce Wayne: Fugitive

After realizing the importance of Bruce Wayne, Batman heads back to the Batcave and apologizes to everyone because of behavior. He further reveals that David Cain is the one who murdered Vesper on the instructions of then President Lex Luthor. Lex Luthor wanted to discredit Bruce because of his opposition to Luthor’s policies.

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David Cain was also among Bruce’s trainers and he discovered that Bruce is in fact, Batman. Thus he was able to frame Bruce in a perfect crime where Bruce’s only priority would have been to protect his Batman’s identity.


After clearing his and Sasha’s name of Vesper’s murder, Bruce learns that Sasha has died in prison. Refusing to believe that he starts looking for her and after a long and hard search he is able to find Sasha and says goodbye. And Luthor tries to get David killed because his testimony will hurt Luthor’s reputation as the President.

But David succeeds in neutralizing David Lawton also known as Deadshot when he comes to kill him.


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