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Best Black Armory Weapons to Use

Best Black Armory Weapons

History Of The Black Armory

The Black Armory is an undercover weapon foundry. It was established by three families;  French House of Meyrin, Norse Rasmussen Clan, and the Japanese Satou Tribe. The designs of the Armory combine native elements from each heritage.

Each clan was headed by three Matriarchs; Henriette Meyrin, Helga Rasmussen, and Yuki Satou. They all agreed on manufacturing and stockpiling advanced firearms because they believed some extraterrestrial were about to invade earth. And they wanted to ensure the survival of their families. They built various Forges. And sold some of the weapons to make up for the expenses. Helga Rasmussen oversaw the business aspect of things.

Unfortunately, none of their precautionary measures was enough to protect them from the invasion. One of the attacks from some enormous minion of the Darkness forced the clans to evacuate their hideaway. And they left their Forges behind.

The attack left Adelaide, Henriette’s daughter, severely injured. Due to that, Yuki Satou proposed to Henriette that Adelaide’s consciousness be uploaded into an Exo body. To which Henriette reluctantly agreed. Hence the creation of Ada-1. Ada-1 now operated as their mobile forge. Having the capability to create and upgrade Black Armory weapons with her bare hands.

Ada-1 created unique weapons, which was supposed to be a good thing. But it became a problem for the clans after the attack that forced them to abandon their hideout. These unique weapons attracted a lot of bandits and robbers who succeeded in wiping out the entire members of the clan. Ada-1 was the only survivor.

She hid out in the Last City. Did not trust any Lightbearers, even the Guardians.


Top Ten Best Black Armory Weapons

  • Izanagi’s Burden(Sniper Rifle):

    Izanagi’s Burden is an exotic sniper rifle in the Black Armory expansion for Destiny 2. The Izanagi’s Burden is acquired by completing the Mysterious Box Exotic quest designated by Ada-1. it is one of the BEST BLACK ARMORY WEAPONS

Perks of The Izanagi’s Burden

  1. Honed Edge: Consumes the magazine and loads around with more powerful range and damage.
  2. Chambered Compensator: For stable barrel attachment. Hence, more stability, more controlled recoil, and a slight decrease in handling speed.
  3. Accurized Rounds: The increased range of this weapon lets it fire longer ranges.
  4. No Distraction: You can aim the Izanagi’s Burden for a short period of time without a flinch.
  5. Combined Stock: The weapon has a dual purpose stock that slightly increases stability and slightly increases handling speed.


  • Jötun(Fusion Rifle):

    Jötun is an Exotic fusion rifle in Destiny 2. You can acquire the Jötun when creating a Radiant Gold Frame from the Bergusia Forge.

Perks Of The Jötun

  1. Charge Shot: On impact, the charge shot explodes and burns everything in its way.
  2. Volatile Lunch: The weapon is equipped for a particularly explosive load. The blast radius is remarkably increased. Handling speed is slightly reduced. The projectile speed is slightly decreased.
  3. Liquid Coils: For greater damage on impact at a slower charge time.
  4. Shield Disorient: To disorient nearby combatants.
  5. Polymer Grip: The lighter grip material increases handling speed.


  • Galliard-42 XN7568(Auto Rifle): The Galliard-42 XN7568 is a Legendary Auto Rifle. It is a modified version of the Galliard-42.

Perks of The Galliard-42 XN7568

  1. Adaptive Frame: It has a well-rounded grip. It is dependable and strong.


  • Hammerhead(Machine Gun): The Hammerhead is a Legendary Machine Gun gotten from the Volundr Forge. It is obtained from the Black Armory Machine Gun Frame Quest. It was the first Black Armory weapon created by a Guardian. And the second Machine Gun in Destiny 2.

The perk of The Hammerhead

  1. The God Roll for this weapon is Hammer-Forged Rifling, Rampage, High Caliber Rounds, and Feeding Frenzy.


  • Blast Furnace(Pulse Rifle): This weapon is a Legendary Kinetic Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2. It was forged in the hottest furnace.

The perk of The Blast Furnace

The God Roll is a hard-hitting four-burst fire.


  • Stryker’s Sure-Hand(Sword): The Stryker’s Sure-Hand is a Legendary Sword created by the Black Armory.

The perk of The Stryker’s Sure-Hand

It is used to initiate an uppercut. It has a well-rounded grip and it is reliable.


  • Kindled Orchid(Hand Cannon): This weapon is a Legendary Hand Canon created by the Black Armory.

Perks of The Kindled Orchid

  1. Adaptive Frame: The weapon has a well-rounded grip. It is dependable and sturdy.
  2. Rampage: Increased damage.


  • Dead Man Walking XX7463(Side Arm): This weapon is a Legendary Side Arm. It is a modified version of Dead Man Walking.

The perk of Dead Man Walking XX7463

  1. SUROS Rapid-Fire: It is full auto with a deeper ammo reserve. Reload is slightly faster when the magazine is empty.


  • Bali grant XU7743(Shotgun): This is a Legendary Shotgun created by Black Amory. It is a modified version of Baligrant.

The perks of the Baligrant XU7743

  1. Aggressive Frame: Hits hard, high recoil. The rate of fire is increased after a kill.


  • Hoosegow XE5837(Rocket Launcher): This weapon is a Legendary Rocket Launcher created by Black Armory. It has a well-rounded grip. It is reliable and strong.