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Batman Nightwalker: The Graphic Novel Review

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Ever imagined what it would look like to tell a comic book story without the comics? Well, author Marie Lu did. Not only did she imagine it, but she also went on to write a full feature-length book, and it was a huge success. What book is this, you may ask? It’s Batman Nightwalker, and it was an instant New York Times Bestseller.

So, we know all about Batman: Year One serves as the origin story for Batman, detailing his first year as a rookie vigilante. But what about his life before he decided to take up the cowl and the cape? What about life before he decided to take on training to become Gotham’s fearsome savior.

Batman Nightwalker details the events in Bruce Wayne’s life in the early years, before he would go on to take the punishment to crime in Gotham. A comic book was created to tie in with the feature-length, as well. But what really transpired in this epic tale?

Let’s take a look at the events of Batman Nightwalker: The Graphic Novel and what made it such a hit in the eyes of Batman fans around the world.

Batman: Nightwalker (DC Icons Series)
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Batman Nightwalker: An Honest Review

Batman Nightwalker is set up in a YA Fiction style. You know, the type you bump into on Wattpad. It has teen romance elements, suspense, and all of that mushiness, but this one takes itself seriously. It is like fan fiction on serious steroids.

The major reason it looks this way is that it details an era in Bruce Wayne’s life that is often overlooked. Everybody knows the regular story. Young Bruce loses his parents in the alley. He grows into a sullen young man intent on ridding the city of crime. Undergoes a tedious period of training. Then begins to assume the persona of the masked bat. Every single time, this is what happens. But what happens in between is an interesting piece of information that no one really looks at.

And that’s why the book itself looks like something from a fan. But you know where it gets even more interesting? It works so well as a comic and as a book.

The whole set up is strange. It really goes gung-ho with its arcs. Some characters and subplots are completely fictional, so it gives the feeling that this is not entirely canon. Even with the familiar characters, there is something we are not used to.

Who Are The Night Walkers in Batman Nightwalkers?

The comic deals with the Nightwalkers, which is a group of thieves who steal from the rich to empower the poor. It makes you wonder why Robin Hood didn’t just patent that idea, but this book gets it better. That is a bold statement, but that is how good it is.

Then we move to Bruce Wayne, who is just 18 at the time. One thing that remains constant here in this world is his character. While he may be young and may possess immeasurable wealth, Bruce Wayne is exactly how you would expect him to be. He is well-grounded and focused. He is surrounded by a tight group of friends you may know as well: including one Harvey Dent and his signature move: flipping coins.

Events see Bruce end up in Arkham doing community service after getting involved in a high-speed chase with the Nightwalkers and the GCPD. Of course, because of his wealth, the Nightwalkers have targeted him, and that’s why he ends up in Arkham in the first place.

Bruce Finding Female Trouble In Batman Nightwalkers

He meets a young inmate named Madeleine, who just so happens to be a nightwalker member. It is not surprising when she has Bruce under her spell; if his future dealings with Selina Kyle have taught us anything. It does make for interesting dialogue and panels, as we may see as the story progresses. You know what they say about sleeping with the enemy. Bruce finds himself in very complex situations.

There is not much high-octane action to drive this graphic novel, so you might be a little disappointed if you are looking for some beatdowns. In truth, as earlier mentioned, Batman Nightwalker is, at its core, a young adult fiction story that happens to incorporate elements of batman’s life and the world into it. It just isn’t really about Batman.

Still, there is nothing bad about this entry. It delivers on the entertainment, and it surely leaves you engaged as you read. It even does a little fan service at the closing panels, as we see Bruce don a suit trying really hard not to be the batsuit, promising to protect Gotham from criminal elements. Safe to say, BATMAN Nightwalker is an interesting read in and out.

Verdict on Batman Nightwalker

As a tie into the novel, the graphic novel creates a buzzing interest in the same name’s book. It lands perfectly on the issue of world-building, delivers compelling characters, and the visuals are top tier. Out of 10, it’s an 8 for sure, and the teaser for Wonder Woman: Warbringer at its end rounds it all up perfectly.

The book is amazing for Batman fans who want a little bit more than the usual out the comics. If you love romance and superheroes than you have met your dream reading material.

Where You Can Buy a Copy of Batman Nightwalker?

You can get a copy of the book from Amazon by clicking the link below. If you want to buy it somewhere else, you can find it at most major bookstores online. Places like DC Comics and Barnes and Nobles have copies.

Batman: Nightwalker (DC Icons Series)
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