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Batman Knife Stabbing Scene In The Dark Knight Rises

Batman Knife Stabbing Scene

Although Batman has a lot of items that he carries in his utility belt. These items have helped The Dark Knight out of very serious situations. His primary weapon is the Batarang. But Batman is also known to use a tactical knife occasionally and has cut a lot of durable materials with the help of this knife. But in this article, we will look at a scene that saw Batman get stabbed by a knife instead of using it himself.

Everyone who has watched The Dark Knight Rises would know by now that the particular scene we are talking about is one of the climax scenes of the movie. And we see Batman take on Bane after successfully escaping from the pit prison in another part of the world. In this scene, Batman was betrayed by someone whom he trusted with one of his most ambitious projects.

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Beginning of The Movie

At the beginning of the movie, we see that Bane kidnaps a nuclear physicist Dr. Leonid Powell. This physicist has developed a new way of converting a nuclear reactor that is originally used for power generation needs into a nuclear bomb.

It is the same type of project that Wayne Enterprises has spent a lot of money. Bruce Wayne himself spearheaded the project so that Gotham’s power crisis can be resolved. But after Powell releases his paper on weaponizing such a reactor. Bruce stops the project sustaining heavy losses while doing it.

After this instance, he becomes a recluse and nobody has seen him in 8 years. Meanwhile, the League of Shadows that Ra’s al Ghul established has been active in Gotham and is planning on completing Ra’s mission of destroying Gotham. After kidnapping Dr. Powell we see that the League of Shadows is planning something big.

They also plant Selina Kyle to steal Bruce’s fingerprints from Wayne Manor. They use the fingerprint to conduct some investments while they attack Gotham’s Stock Exchange. These transactions make Bruce lose his majority in the Wayne enterprises.

It is revealed that Bane is leading the League of Shadows in Gotham city and is also the person behind Bruce’s loss at the Stock Exchange. Batman shows up after 8 years when the League attacks at the Stock Exchange but is unable to stop them.

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Bruce entrusts the responsibility of Wayne Enterprises to Miranda Tate and also develops a romantic relationship with her. His main motive behind making Miranda the CEO is to safe guard the nuclear reactor project. Lucscious Fox even shows her how to submerge the reactor in case on an attack.

Alfred’s Exit

After Bruce shows intent of taking on Bane himself, Alfred points out to him that Bruce is not a young man anymore. And he has not trained in years. Where as Bane is at the peak of his physical strength and possesses both speed and agility. He also says that if Bane and Batman were ever to fight then it would be Bane who would emerge as the victor of this encounter.

But Bruce does not heed to his warnings and as a last resort Alfred says to Bruce that if he is to continue as Batman then he can not stay with Bruce anymore. Because he is too afraid of losing Bruce and can not ever see anything happen to him.

But Bruce says Goodbye to Alfred showing his intent to take on Bane. After Alfred leaves Batman asks Selina Kyle to take him to Bane.

Batman And Bane

Selina leads Bruce into a trap and when Batman and Bruce face each other Batman is severely beaten and Bane becomes the only criminal to break the Bat. Bane throws Batman inside the prison where he was born. The prison is called the pit.

Other inmates tell Bruce stories of a child of a mercenary who was able to escape the prison and is the only person to do so. After healing Bruce tries to escape but is unsuccessful. In his third attempt, Bruce does not use any safety supports meaning that his failure will lead him to his death. And is successful this time.

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Gotham City

After defeating Batman, Bane holds the city captive by arming the nuclear reactor into a bomb. He also reveals the true crimes of Harvey Dent to demoralize the citizens. And without batman all hope is lost. Bane also threatens to blow up the city if there is any outside assistance. Therefore, the citizens of Gotham are left alone. Bane tells the citizens to rule the city themselves.

He also traps all the cops of Gotham City underground and there is no one who can help the people in this situation. After 5 months when Batman is successful in leaving the pit. Bane is visibly distressed when he finds out about Bruce’s escape from the pit.

Batman helps in freeing the cops that are trapped inside the sewers underground. And the cops along with Batman have a final fight where Batman is successful in defeating Bane after training inside the pit and disconnects a few pipes on his face mask by kicking him on the face.

Batman Knife Stabbing

When he confronts Bane by addressing him as the child of Ra’s al Ghul who escaped from the pit. But Bane reveals that he is not the child of Ra’s al Ghul. At this very moment, Batman feels a very sharp pain on his side and notices that Miranda has stabbed him using a knife. She further injures him by twisting the knife even more while Batman is stabbed.

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Miranda reveals that she is the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul and it is her duty to complete her father’s mission. Therefore she leaves Batman stabbed with the knife and goes on to detonate the bomb. She also floods the reactor so that Batman can not re-attach the bomb to the core reactor.

As a last resort, Batman attaches the bomb to The Batwing and flies over Gotham Bay and where the bomb goes off saving all the citizens from its destruction.


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