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Batman: Curse of the White Knight

Batman: Curse of the White Knight

Batman: Curse of the White Knight is the explosive sequel to the critically acclaimed Batman: White Knight. It is a perfect follow-up for Batman: White Knight, which took place in an alternate Gotham City where the Joker recovered his sanity. And Batman became infamous among the Gothamites as the insane one. The Joker saw Batman as the biggest rogue of Gotham City. And the cause of the city’s continuous crime sequence. 

In Batman: Curse of the White Knight, The Joker seeks Azrael’s help to unravel a shocking secret from Wayne’s family’s legacy. And to destroy Gotham City. Azrael begins to break Batman. He uncovers how elites and criminals used Wayne’s empire. That his legacy and wealth, which wasn’t even his, was built, all on lies and blood. And that Batman had a hand in Gotham’s problem of corruption. 

Batman: Curse of the White Knight
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Batman hurries to save the day, save Gotham City, and keep his beloved family from harm’s way. In the process, the mystery of Batman’s ancestry is exposed, which came as a devastating blow to the Dark Knight when he got to know about it. Batman begins to doubt everything he thought he knew about himself and where he stands in Gotham City. 

Batman: Curse of the White Knight examined the bat’s symbol and focused a lot on the Wayne family’s tarnished legacy. In the end, however, Bruce is victorious over Azrael. He saves Gotham. 


The end of issue #8 of Batman: Curse of the White Knight series shows Bruce Wayne locked up in solitary confinement. Waiting for trial for his war crimes, when he was approached by a military man.

Bruce reveals to the military man that he(the military man) was tracked down by Commissioner Montoya so he could come to keep an eye on him (Bruce Wayne). In case Bruce ever thinks of escaping. But it turns out, shockingly, that that the military man is actually Jason Todd. 

Jason Todd makes known his suspicion that there is more to him being there, than just being a watchdog. Bruce confesses there is. Jason Todd is not there to be his former mentor’s guard. Rather, Bruce wants to discuss a mysterious project with him. 

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  • THE RETURN OF JASON TODD: Jason Todd, the former Robin, let Bruce think he was dead after he underwent a torture session in the hands of The Joker. But Bruce asked Commissioner Renee Montoya to track down Jason Todd. The curse of the white knight ends with the reappearance of the former Robin to guard Bruce in his cell. So it seems the two might get back on good terms again. 
  • THE JOKER TWINS: The Joker twins could become star players in a sequel to the curse of the white knight. Gotham and Batman drove Jack Napier mad. So it wouldn’t come as a surprise that the madness lives on in his kids. Probably in the form of one of the siblings attempting to redeem the other sibling. Murphy himself said we haven’t seen the last of those two. So the possibilities of the joker twins run endlessly. 

Harleen might be trying to make amends for the past mistakes because we saw her affirm her love for Bruce when he was sent to prison. This could be in the form of her coaching the kids. And even collaborating with the likes of Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson to make the kids into vigilantes. Seeing that the Gotham police have become accepting of those kinds of costume zealots, the joker twins could become fully developed and experienced heroes. In honor of Batman and Jack Napier. 

  • THE BATFAMILY BEYOND: Even though most of Batman: Curse of The White Knight was focused on Bruce, the story won’t be complete without Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon doing a lot to bring Bruce back into the spotlight. We saw Bruce funding the vigilante integration program and new Batmobiles. So we can almost be certain that more heroes are going to enter the picture. 

Stephanie Brown and Tim drake may likely appear in this world. We still remember Bruce’s joke to the burly Duke Thomas that he would make a good Robin. 

After Jim Gordon’s murder, Harvey Bullock was promoted and put in charge of the initiative. Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon seem ready to be the mentors of the new Bat-family. 

They will probably start to see the war on crime from Bruce’s point of view. And that could mean disaster. Some vigilantes may not want to follow the rules. And some others may be unfit and too unskilled to take up the role. 

A lot of Gotham criminals were killed off by Azrael. There is a possibility that even more brutal ones will rise to take their place. 

Even as these threats may arise, Gotham vigilantes’ succeeding generation will be ready to tackle them as they come. 

Batman: White Knight (book 2 of 3)
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