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Batman Crying: The Scene We Never Imagined To See

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The scenario of “Batman Crying” has always seemed impossible. We all know Bruce Wayne as the Batman. We know what made Bruce Wayne choose the life of Batman. Or the trials he went through to become Batman. And numerous insurmountable sacrifices Bruce had to make after he chose this life of fighting crime. He gave up everything to walk on the path he had to follow as Batman.

But even after everything he lost in this crusade. Batman has always kept a very tight lid on his sentiments. He makes sure to never show even the slightest sign of any emotion. Batman’s character has always been projected as somebody that has reached and even crossed any human limitations.

Batman has even evolved his sleep cycle to depend upon micro naps. Only 3 hours of sleep are enough for Batman to function properly for 3 to 4 days. And with all the hard work that Batman has put into concealing every emotion representing that he is human. We never thought we would ever see “Batman Crying”.

Details of The Scene

For decades now, fans have been so used to a serious and brooding Batman who is devoid of any emotions. Due to this reason, the story that finally ends in the impossible Batman Crying was very powerful in itself. Even, the fans that read the scene or even watched the scene later in its animated adaptation felt the intensity of the scene.

The particular scene we are talking about is in the Flashpoint comics and animated adaptation. Flashpoint is one of the most critically acclaimed stories from DC. The Flashpoint timeline explores all our favorite DC characters in a new iteration.

And the entire intensity of the story leads up to that one Batman Crying scene we never thought we would see. Let’s have a look at the build-up of events leading to the Batman Crying.

Flashpoint Comics

The Flashpoint comics were released as a mini-series and was a crossover between different characters.

The story saw all our favorite characters in a new timeline. The story begins when Flash wakes up to find everything around him changed. He is not the Flash anymore and does not possess any superpowers. In this timeline, Barry’s mother is alive.

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Changes from the Original Timeline

After spending a day with his mother Barry notices further changes in the time. Barry’s wife Iris is also married to a colleague and not to him. On further research, he gets to know that Captain Cold is the greatest Superhero of Central City. Superman also does

not exist in this timeline. And as a result, Justice League was never formed.

Under Aquaman’s leadership, Atlanteans have attacked the land and have sunk more than half of Europe. And Amazons have successfully taken over the UK. The world is embroiled in conflict and the US can also feel the effects of this conflict.

Role of Other Heroes

It is revealed, that the heroes are not uniting under this imminent threat. Due to this, the US is running several covert missions to neutralize both Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

Hal Jordan

The US government employs Hal Jordan to fly an alien aircraft into the war-zone and try to counter both the conflicting forces. It is shown that Hal is killed during this mission.

Lois Lane & Steve Trevor

Steve Trevor is shown waiting for Lois Lane at an extraction point where he is intercepted by Wonder Woman herself. And under Lasso’s influence, Steve reveals that Lois Lane is collecting information against the Amazons at Cyborg’s behest. And as a result, both Steve is killed. The Amazons also try to capture Lois but she is saved by the resistance.


Deathstroke is seen captaining a pirate ship in search of his daughter but is captured by Aquaman and his forces.

Batman & The Flash

After witnessing this world’s events Barry heads to Gotham City and reaches Batcave. Batman attacks Barry and it is revealed that in this new timeline that Bruce was the one that died when Joe Chill attacked Wayne’s.

This leads to Thomas hunting him down and killing him with his bare hands. Martha Wayne could not accept this loss and become mad eventually taking on the persona of the Joker. She often attacks the Wayne establishment, the biggest casino in the World.

Barry succeeds in convincing Thomas that he is from an alternate timeline where Thomas and Martha died and Bruce became Batman. He shows his costume ring as proof but the Reverse Flash costume is ejected from the ring.

This leads Barry to believe that Eobard Thawne is responsible for this timeline.

Efforts to Correct the Timeline

Thomas on knowing the existence of an alternate reality where his son survives agrees to help Barry. They recreate the accident that provided the Flash with his superpowers. The experiment failed and Barry is severely burned.

They then locate Superman with the help of Cyborg. It is revealed that Superman had always stayed inside a lab and has served as a lab rat only. They free him nonetheless and he flies away.

Looking at this, Barry once again asks Thomas to recreate the experiment conditions to regain his power. He succeeds in becoming the Flash again.

Meanwhile, the final battle between Atlanteans and Amazons has begun. Superman aids the heroes in this fight but Batman is severely injured by Ocean Master.

Wonder Woman succeeds in defeating Aquaman but he detonates his big weapon to destroy the world. His weapon is revealed to be the destabilization of Captain Atom. During this fight, Reverse-Flash appears and tells Barry that the Flash created this alternate reality after he chose to save his mother from dying and has become a paradox.

Batman strikes Reverse Flash with an Amazonian sword and asks Barry to reset the timeline and save millions of lives. When the Flash agrees, Thomas gives Barry a letter addressed to Bruce and thanks to him for saving his son.

Flash taps into the speed force and resets the timeline to its original condition.

Differences in the Animated Movie

There are some minor differences in the movie but the main difference is that Batman uses a gun and shoots Reverse-Flash in the head to kill him.

The “Batman Crying” Scene

After the timeline is restored Flash heads to the Batcave and meets Bruce. He tells him about the alternate timeline and its events. And in the end, Barry gives him Thomas’s letter. Tears are shown to fall on the letter with “Love Always, Your Father” visible to the reader or viewer.

The feeling of His father communicating with him after so many years and expressing his love and wishes for his son was the true climax to this wonderful story. One can not stay unaffected by this story and let me tell you my friends this story will make you emotional.


This Batman scene is special to fans because it has connected them even more to Batman and is truly a very well-written ending to an amazing story.

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