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Batman Bin Suparman: The Villain with Superhero Names

Batman Bin Suparman

Very few superheroes represent the ideals that Superman and Batman do. They’re the go-to superheroes when the world is in trouble, and it’s not hard to see why. The Man of Steel is incredibly strong and indestructible, and the Dark Knight isn’t just the greatest detective ever— he’s one of the smartest men alive. These names are associated with everything good. But what happens when Batman and Superman aren’t the paragons of good we know them to be? Well, that’s the strange case of Batman Bin Suparman. 

No, it’s not a typo. You didn’t read that wrong either. But this is a tale so weird that you might end up laughing at its conclusion. You have to read more to understand.

Batman Bin Suparman: Who is he?

It’s not strange for people to idolize figures. As a matter of fact, our entire world is driven by the idea of idols. We love those we look up to, and we can only hope to be exactly like them. 

Batman Bin Suparman is undoubtedly a name that would raise eyebrows, even if it was to honor two of the world’s greatest heroes. But there is an interesting side to this whole story. 

The first time this name made its rounds on the internet, Obama was entering the white house; and we were reeling from the stellar performance of Heath Ledger as Joker in the Dark Knight. A certain identity card was making the rounds on social media and the internet, particularly Gizmodo. It held the details of a Javanese-Singaporean with an odd name. 

Of course by now you can figure out the name— it’s Batman Bin Suparman. 

The funniest thing is that this name is no moniker. It’s his real name. It turns out Suparman is actually a very common Javanese last name. It’s so common that a former commander from Indonesia, a traditional musician from Sudan and two chairmen of the Indonesian Judicial Commission all share the name Suparman. And while it is only similar to the actual Superman in pronunciation and a few letters, it does make for an interesting piece of humor. 

The name Batman, however, has no such ties. Instead, you can only imagine this Batman’s parents were only playing a fast joke, considering their last name was Suparman. The word ‘bin’ points to this, as it means “son of.” In other words, Batman Bin Suparman is simply Batman, the son of Suparman. If that doesn’t get you laughing, nothing can. 

Far from a hero

Unfortunately, our Batman has nothing in common like the superhero he must be named after. After his rise to internet prominence in 2008, Batman’s next feature in the news would be for something unpalatable. 

Batman was sentenced to about two years and nine months in a Singaporean prison in a Reuters report. He had a rap sheet, one which included the crimes of theft from his brother and the possession and consumption of heroin. 

It is quite a weird tale in itself. Who would have thought that the very person with names similar to two iconic heroes would be charged with felonies? 

There’s an old superstition about how names could affect who we are in life, but Batman Bin Suparman did not get that memo clearly. This Batman decided to live a life of crime, and it ended up getting him Jailed.

Batman Factor Takeaway for Batman Bin Suparman

You have to live up to the name. You can have a great name all day long, but if you don’t live with the more and ideals that built the brand, it will never hold up. That is exactly what you see happening here with this story. If you want to be Batman, you have to do the right thing even when it’s hard.