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Batman Beyond Blu Ray Review & Details

Batman Beyond Blu Ray : The Review

The year is 1999, and fans are still reeling from the magic era that gifted small screens with Batman: The Animated Series and its sister show; Superman: The Animated Series. (Seriously, the opening theme song for the latter still rings true to today). Tasked with the mission to create yet another standout masterpiece, Batman Beyond was born. And now, years later, you’re thinking of getting the Batman Beyond Blu Ray.

This release coincides with the twentieth anniversary of the series. Critically acclaimed despite the initial backlash, it has risen from the ashes like young Terry McGinnis did and is still delivering epic punches in a futuristic state. Only now, it’s in a clearer picture. 

It’s time to return to Gotham in 2039. 

Batman Beyond Blu Ray Review

Batman Beyond could have very easily been a mess. No doubt about it. Its predecessor was an almost perfect body of work and was perhaps one of the most mature takes on the Batman character. But here was the request to make a Batman animation about the Caped Crusader yet again— only this time it was about a teenage Batman. 

If you think that’s crazy then the next will throw you off balance. It had to be even more mature. How anyone on the production team did not freak out is a wonder on its own. 

As luck would have it, seasoned hands do work their charm a third time, and the same success that followed the first two projects clung to Batman Beyond.

Here’s a little recap on the events of Batman Beyond, just in case you’re not familiar with it (although the real question is, why not??). 

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Recap Time So You Know What to Expect With The Batman Beyond Blu Ray

It’s been fifty years since the curtain call on the events of Batman: The Animated Series, and Bruce Wayne, the original Batman is retired. And with good reason. He’s now really old, and his heart can’t carry all that crime-fighting.

Speaking of crime, Gotham may be futuristic (Total Recall and Blade Runner we see you), but some things do not change. In fact, they adapt, and such is the case with crime in the city. 

Enter Terry McGinnis. After a strange but very Gotham-centric series of events, the teenager takes up the Dark Knight’s mantle, with good old Master Bruce as his mentor.

Oh, there’s also the Dog, who is Bruce’s only companion and possibly one of the best characters from the series. It’s a match made in heaven, considering the fact that Terry’s father has just been murdered in cold blood.

You’ll be hooked from the go; with the series premiere “Rebirth” being possibly one of the best stories in Batman mythos ever told. It’s a movie in its own right, and for noobs, it should be a sign of great things to come.


There are 52 enthralling episodes in the Batman Beyond Journey. 52 fully fleshed out reasons to sit back and enjoy greatness. In the Batman Beyond Blu Ray set, this is spread into four of the total six discs. Through these, we see The Caped (ah yes, the new Batman does not wear a cape) Crusader take on Gotham’s evilest class with a penchant for destruction. 

Some of them are Batman alumni, such as the icy Dr. Victor Freeze himself and the demon head Ra’s Al Ghul— but then again, a new Batman means new villains. The likes of Blight, Shriek, Inque, Spellbinder, and the Joker King serve us villainy on a platter of gold. It’s all too good. 

Honorable mentions: The Terrific Trio, *Superman* and the Royal Flush Gang

Let’s not forget some iconic events also occured in the lifetime of this show. We see Terry make Superhero valedictorian and get called up to join the Justice League *of the future*. Also, watch out for Inque. She’s a scene stealer, and that’s all the cat we’re letting out of the bag. 


Now to the geek stuff. Why should you even bother with the Blu Ray set, you ask? Because you should. Batman Beyond and its world look so much better, that the city just pops right at you.

Overall, the presentation is literally a ten out of ten. We’re talking vibrant colors that look perfect and balanced, and there’s also the matter about sound.

Seeing is believing, but hearing immerses you right into it, and the sound quality on this pack is top-notch. Fair warning: You might even get hooked on to the techno metal sounds from the show— considering how good they sound with the enhanced quality. 

The set maintains the original aspect ratio of 4:3. Oh, and there’s one other thing. Not everyone will notice this, but on the off chance that someone does, be not alarmed; it’s just that some of the episodes have had some work done on them, owing to the original tapes going through some hard times. But generally, it’s so minute a detail you most definitely won’t notice. 

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Batman Beyond Blu Ray Added Discs

We mentioned earlier that there were six discs in the set, with four containing the actual content for the series. Well, the remaining two are packed full of bonus content, and who doesn’t love bonuses? 

If you’re worried about being shortchanged from having the DVD version, again, rest your fears— it’s still the same rodeo but the bonus discs here give you extra juice such as Knight Immortal and Nostalgic Tomorrow — A Batman Gathering.

Both are real world offerings, giving insight into 80 years of publishing Batman and discussions with the crew and cast on producing this masterpiece. 

Additions to the Additions

Of course what’s Batman Beyond without the ever so epic animated tie-in movie Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. The version offered here is the PG-13-rated Director’s Cut, by the way. 

It’s probably not even possible right now, but if your luck is out of this world the Batman Beyond Blu Ray set you’re getting yourself (assuming you do) might be one of the limited edition copies, which came with lenticular cards and the Batman Beyond Funko Pop! action figure. Are you willing to try your luck? 

*At the end of this review we’ll provide a link to a limited edition box set. However, it is subject to availability and we are not liable for it being out of stock.


This is Batman, but with a look at the Dark Knight in the future. It is definitely a worthy entry in the Batman mythos and the blu ray set is definitely one to add to your collection. You won’t regret it. Definitely not one bit. 

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