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The Batman 80th Anniversary Collection (Must Have)

Batman 80th anniversary collection

Since the Dark Knight’s adaptation into various TV, Radio, film, and video games, it has become a valuable franchise that never stops growing. The Batman 80th anniversary collection is a celebration of everything Batman.

He first appeared as a DC character in 1939 and has long since become the face of even more merchandise items. 

The Batman franchise has since become one of the best and highest-grossing media franchises of all time. This means it has become one of the franchises with the most fans, surpassing most of the other ones in gross profit.

Batman first appeared in The Detective Comics #27 (Issue 27) in 1939. has long since become a household name today and an inspiration to children and comic fans worldwide.

For about 80 years, the character Bruce Wayne, the Dark Knight, has stood as a symbol of justice and strength regardless of reality. 

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Back Story 

A little back story on our favourite superhero.

The Dark Knight’s secret identity is Bruce Wayne. His parents Martha and Thomas Wayne, were brutally murdered in an alley robbery. This, having turned his life upside down at first, would go on to eventually shape him and create the hero we know as The Batman.

Bruce having to face his fear of bats as a child. He then decides to use this as a symbol of justice, and he can bring peace to his city. He begins his long and tedious journey of fighting crime and bringing crime to a halt. He is an embodiment of his parent’s dreams that one day, Gotham can be better.

He aims to make those dreams a reality. Bruce has a Batcave where he runs all his operations. He would eventually gain a family—a bat family who would do anything for him and go through thick and thin. Batman has a lot of utilities which range from smoke bombs, batarangs. He also has a bat jet, night vision goggles that enable him to see and fight at night.

A few years in as a justice pioneer, he would find out that his parent’s deaths were not an accident. It was, in fact, a set up from Gotham’s secret society named the court of owls. 

While some argue that his refusal to kill or wield a gun is due to the trauma, Batman has a code he strongly sticks to. For 80 years, he has been stuck by this code.

Martha and Thomas Wayne were true visionaries, and they both had a dream to change the world, starting from Gotham. Their impacts could be felt around the whole city. But their good deeds did not sit well with the secret council that ran Gotham from the shadows. 

Saddened by the loss of his parents, Bruce is forced to turn to strange hobbies. He was never alone as he always had the help of his family butler, Alfred Pennyworth.

Alfred then stands as a solid father figure for him and helps him grow in the way best possible. He becomes Bruce Wayne, the Dark Knight we know. 

The Batman 80th Anniversary Collection

For the last 80 years, this iconic character has been featured on TV—radio, films, and games. Batman continues to leave his mark in all the fonts imaginable. He has appeared in countless animations since his debut. He has also been featured in several TV shows, Radio, and comic issues. 

He has several toy figurine franchises that do pretty well. Batman’s full gadgets would not be complete without mentioning the legendary batmobile. 

September 21st, also known as Batman Day, is the day to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Batman. The world’s greatest detective. 

Anniversary collection 

There are several things dedicated to this 80th anniversary. Several collections of various commemorations like the Batman 80 Must-Read Graphic Novels to celebrate this anniversary. This is titled Detective comics: 80 years of Batman; Deluxe Edition. 

There is also a Batman: The Definitive History of the Dark Knight in Comics, Film, and Beyond

This is first of it’s kind volume that tells the complete story of Batman and the many forms that he has taken all through the years. Forms across various comics, animation, TV, video games, film and beyond.

This presents a compelling image of one of the most versatile and recognizable characters in the history of fiction.

This covers the complete history of Batman in vivid detail; the book features exclusive commentary from the key creatives. Creatives who have been instrumental in building the Dark Knight’s ongoing legacy.

Batman 80th Anniversary Collection (Blu-ray)
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Creatives including Neal Adams, Zack Snyder, Steve Englehart, Mark Hamill, Grant Morrison, Julie Newmar, Christopher Nolan.

More like Paul Dini, Denny O’Neil, Tim Burton, Joel Schumacher, Scott Snyder, and others.

Also, there is a Batman 80th Anniversary Collection (Blu-ray) that can be enjoyed to the fullest. 

It contains 18 DCU animated movies from the Batman Franchise. This collection is designed to give you all the nostalgia you can find.

Why You Should Get The Batman 80th Anniversary Collection

One of the biggest reasons that you want to get your hands on this collection is because you never know the value it could be worth in the future. Batman is not going anywhere, and in 20 years, the collection could be worth so much more.

Fans who can collect valuable items like Batman Lego Sets or Batman Action Figures do so by thinking about the future. They find things that are awesome today and that people will still want 25 years later. This collection summarizes 80 years of Batman greatness, and people will always want to get their hands on it.

Batman: The Definitive History of the Dark Knight in Comics, Film, and Beyond
Learn More
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.