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Arkham Legacy: Your Complete Guide To This Game

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We are familiar with the world of Batman games based around Arkham. Batman: Arkham is a videogame series with 4 major title releases on the main consoles. Arkham Legacy is rumored to be the fifth major installment of this franchise. And Warner Bros Montreal has been teasing the release of a new console game. Fans speculate that it is the same game that they call the Batman: Arkham Legacy.

The continuity established in the games is often referred to as the Arkhamverse and is a part of the extended DC multiverse

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Announcement Of Arkham Legacy

There has not been any official announcement of the game so far. But it’s been 6 years since the release of Batman: Arkham Knight. As a result, there has been a lot of speculation for the release of a new Batman Arkham game. The speculation has been further fuelled by a teaser released by Warner Bros Montreal.

The teaser video consisted of different interchanging symbols. And the fans have interpreted the symbols as the signs of the Court of Owls. Apart from the teaser, there has been no new development by the studio.

Even the teaser was released way back in 2019. So from the studio’s side there has not been a single new development so far. The studio did not even confirm that the released teaser did in fact belong to the Court of Owls. And that the new game in development was infact a new Batman Arkham game.

The Court of Owls is the first Batman storyline to be released after the New 52. In this storyline Batman discovers that Gotham’s fate had always been controlled by the aristocratic elite of the city. And they use any means necessary to subdue anybody in their way. The court uses special fighters for this purpose and calls the Talons.

It would certainly be interesting go against the court in the new game.


As there is no official announcement, the release date also did not get a green signal from the studio. The fans had been speculating the release of the game since 2019. At first it was thought to release in Dec 2019. Then in early 2020. But the fans then did an educated guess and pinned all their hopes for the release of Batman: Arkham Legacy in late 2020.

And guess what? There was no game release but in fact there was still no official announcement of the release of the game. This has lead many to believe that either the game in development is not the Arkham Legacy game. Or the game release has been cancelled altogether.

The Name Arkham Legacy

Even the name Arkham Legacy has not been released by any official sources. This name first came to light in 2019 when a source famous for leaking verified info posted on the internet about the new Batman Arkham game. He called the game Batman: Arkham Legacy.

Other than this there has been no official confirmation of the title of the game or even the release or development of the game.


The game is supposed to be built on the same pattern as its predecessor Batmam: Arkham Knight. Due to the fact, that the studio would not like to change their winning formula too much. The open world would be more developed.

It is also rumored that in addition to the primary protagonist Batman, the player will be able to play with other Batfamily characters. These characters could be co-playable or can also be used as primary players.

The additional characters include Damian, Nightwing and Batgirl.

Future of the Arkham Legacy

No matter how much fans want to play another Batman Arkham game and no matter what they think. The studios almost always have their own planning according to which they release new titles. And this case is also not any different.

Fans have gradually started to lose hope in the release of the game as there has been no official word on the release of the game even in the year 2021. And now, new reports have emerged suggesting that although there was in fact a Batman game in developmental stage at the studio. But that game was later abandoned in favor of the spinoff game titled Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.

The game is an attempt to bring the gaming universe in one continuity like the DCU. And will see Suicide Squad facing Justice League and Brainiac. Brainiac has the league under mind control causing Amanda Waller to mobilize the Suicide Squad to battle against these threats.


According to the latest reports the studio has abandoned the project as of now. But if Zack Snyder’s Justice League has taught us something. It is that fans should never give up hope and can always get their voices heard.

So, lets not lose hope and pray for a new Batman game that we all deserve to play especially after 6 years after the last Batman game.

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