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Arkham Knight Batmobile: The Ultimate Guide

Arkham Knight Batmobile: The Ultimate Guide

The Arkham Knight Batmobile is an integral part of the Arkham Knight game. This Batmobile serves as his primary mode of transportation. And has been upgraded massively to keep up with the growing challenges that Batman faces in the game. Batman is known for using all the latest gadgets in his fight against crime. And is also aided by several vehicles including the Batmobile and the Batwing. As a result, Batmobile has become associated with The Dark Knight to the extent that every Batman feature will showcase a batmobile.

It doesn’t matter whether Batman appears in a game, animated movie, or a live-action adaptation. You will always find the Batmobile with him. And due to this reason, every new adaptation will feature a new Batmobile based on the tone of the movie, animated film, or game. Over the years, Batmobile has received several redesigns and upgrades to provide support to the Caped Crusader in his crusade against crime.

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There are two versions of the Batmobiles in Arkham Knight. One is the basic version with upgrades available. And the other one is the fully upgraded version. The game was very well-received by the fans and critics alike. But the critics criticized the over usage of the Batmobile in the game.

But after playing the game one can understand that Rocksteady has developed the Batmobile as an integral part of the game’s open-world universe. And has tried to use the car as the primary mode of transportation for Batman due to its greater maneuverability as compared to Batwing. Batman can also attach the Batmobile to the Batwing for receiving upgrades and for quicker transportation of the vehicle using the aerial route.

History of Arkham Knight Batmobile

After the Batmobile was destroyed in Arkham City, Bruce got it redesigned by a german company “Zimmer” through Luscious Fox. Batman made sure that the new Batmobile will provide improved destructive abilities along with increased speed and greater strength.

Unlike the previous installments, the Arkham Knight Batmobile is a very essential part of Batman’s crime-fighting routine in Arkham Knight. He uses the vehicle almost every night and takes down several criminals like Scarecrow and Deathstroke with the help of the Batmobile.


The Batmobile in the Arkham knight has the ability to transform, on the fly, into “Battle Mode”. In this mode, the Batmobile has the appearance of a battle tank, with a wider track and higher ground clearance. It also features different weapons including a Vulcan Minigun, 60mm Cannon, Missiles, and non-lethal riot suppressors.

To prevent the Enemies from coming close to the Batmobile a new system was also integrated into the vehicle. Anybody who tried to touch the Batmobile gets a strong electrical charge that would knock them out.

Other features included an EMP to counter hostile drones and knock missiles out of the air. It also had a device that allowed drones to be hacked and turned against each other. And a power winch, to pull down walls, or to allow the Batmobile to act as a counterweight.

This Batmobile came with several new features. And by using one of these new features Batman could use the Batmobile’s momentum by transferring the momentum to himself. This transfer of momentum is possible by accelerating the vehicle and then ejecting instantly. This maneuver allowed Batman to gain speed and height for gliding.

Batman can also use this Batmobile in conjunction with the Batwing, presumably allowing him to quickly transfer from one cockpit to another.


The Batmobile in the Arkham Knight takes its inspiration from Christopher Nolan’s Tumblr in The Dark Knight trilogy. It has a heavily armored exterior, capable of withstanding automatic fire from an assault rifle, and a grenade launcher blast. Allowing the vehicle to function smoothly without any effect on its performance.

Despite that, it was much sleeker than the Tumbler. This Batmobile featured a central single man cockpit, as opposed to the traditional, two-seater coupé design that the Batmobile typically adhered to. However, it did feature room to transport two passengers within a sealed compartment in the back.

It could also strafe short distances, and avoid enemy attacks. It’s also fast enough to be able to drive on walls and on ceilings. Each wheel had an independent suspension and turn, which gave the Batmobile a zero turning radius. The car could turn its wheels 90° and crab steer (drive sideways).

Technical Specifications

This Batmobile has two functioning modes and we have listed the technical specifications of both these modes. One mode is called the “Pursuit mode”, which Batman normally uses during the pursuit of criminals. And the other one is “Battle Mode”, in which the Batmobile changes into a full-on tactical assault tank.

“Pursuit Mode”


  • WayneTech hybrid power cell with jet turbine (upgraded to a Stagg “Nimbus cell” mid-game)
  • Horsepower: 1200 bhp
  • Top speed 209 mph without afterburner; 0-60 mph in 2.7 seconds


  • Fuel type: Nitro methane
  • Raises maximum speed threshold by 30%
  • Temperature at vent: 1100 °C


  • Electromagnetic ejector seat
  • Enhanced intel and recon capabilities
  • AI and remote guidance systems

Immobilizer Missiles

  • Payload: 5gm high explosive cl-20/hmx cocrystal
  • Warhead: 2.75 in (70 mm)
  • Guidance: Laser/infrared homing


  • Material: Advanced synthetic fiber composite
  • Diameter: 4 ft 7 in (1.40 m)
  • Advanced all terrain traction technology

Containment Unit

  • Purpose: Passenger transport
  • Space: 3 Seats
  • Resistant to kinetic forces exceeding 4,500 lb/sq in

Air Brakes with regenerative energy mechanism

  • Materials: Graphene composite
  • Actuator: High-speed hydraulic cylinder
  • Stopping distance reduction: 78%

“Battle Mode”

Armor Plating

  • Thickness: 120mm at thickest point
  • Material: Carbon nanotube aggregate
  • Blast resistance: Explosive reactive armor around cockpit

Vulcan Gun

  • Ammunition gauge: 25mm
  • Length: 1.8 meters
  • Purpose: Anti-tank and surface to air combat

60mm Cannon

  • Ammunition type: 60mm high explosive penetrate shells
  • Muzzle velocity: 1,680 meters per second
  • Estimated to penetrate 820 mm of steel armor at point blank range

Riot Suppressor

  • Ammunition: Non-lethal slam rounds
  • Slam rounds: Flexible plastic casing filled with 50 grams of rubber pellets
  • Designed to deliver minimum long-term trauma & render combatant immobile

Electroshock Defense

  • Voltage: 200 – 300 kv range
  • Delivery: Front and rear conductor rods
  • Purpose: Propel combatant

Gyroscopic Wheels

  • Hydraulic arm-mounted
  • Capable of 360 lateral spin for combat maneuvering
  • Bullet proof synthetic fibers


  • Multipurpose grapple claw
  • Range: 60m
  • Weight supported: 2.2 t

Final Thoughts On The Arkham Knight Batmobile

The Arkham Knight batmobile is probably one of the best vehicles to be driven by Batman. If you liked this article then do visit our website for other related articles.