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An Explanation To The Niggle Me This Batman Meme

Internet is a crazy place, and especially after the social media revolution, everything turns into a meme. One such popular Meme that features Batman is the “Niggle me this Batman” meme. Although the meme initially got a lot of popularity, it has been erased over the years. It is due to its criticism of systematic racism that African-Americans are subjected to daily in the US. The information regarding this meme is relatively scarce now. The threads on different websites that posted this meme have been deleted, or their comments have been disabled.

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So in this article, we will try to explain this meme based on whatever information we can find. For the record, this explanation is something that we think this meme was supposed to mean. And why we believe it is a criticism of racism, as mentioned above in the first place. And how the creator of this meme used Riddler and Batman in this meme.


The particular meme that we are talking about shows an African-American male wearing the Riddler’s costume. The caption stated, “Niggle me this Batman. What accounts for as little as 13% but also for half”? The creator of this meme post used the tagline of Edward Nygma A.K.A The Riddler. And changed it into a demeaning sentence of Niggle me this. Presumably derived from a broader offensive term, “Nigger” and is integrated with Riddler. Thus giving us an even more racist word called “Niggler”.

Explanation Of This Meme

The “Niggle Me This Batman” meme call of Batman, the world’s greatest detective to solve a riddle. or more rightly called a niggle in the context of this meme. There can be two possible answers to this racist question. Likewise, there can be two possible answers to the question posed in this meme.

The first one is that it refers to the percentage of crimes committed by the African-American population as per the official statistics, with 13% being the population percentage of the African-Americans. And 50% is their share in the crimes committed in the US. But this answer is wrong and will only be believed by someone who is racist enough to think it is true—indicating the extent to which systemic racism has penetrated our daily lives. And this answer was even declared wrong by the creator of the post himself.

The correct answer to the “Niggle me this Batman” meme is that “the half” refers to the percentage of incarcerated African-Americans in the US prisons. This percentage includes both the males and females of this particular population group. At the same time, 13% refers to their overall population in the US as per the official statistics.

Impact Of This Meme

This meme raised a very common fact that the rate of incarceration of African-Americans is double as compared to any other population group even for similar crimes. This is a known fact and has been criticized by different media outlets and personalities from time and again. Not just the incarceration percentage but the largest number of people that receive the “Death Row” in the US are also African-Americans.

All of this indicates the alarming level of systemic racism that the African-American population has to face on a daily basis. This meme was created way back in 2019 and indicated something towards which everyone turns a blind eye deliberately. Although systemic racism has always existed in the US it was expressed more openly in Trump’s tenure. This is mainly due to the rise of several far-right groups and white supremacist movements.

Several examples of this systemic racism were evident in the brutal killings of innocent African-American civilians. All these killings were done without any due process and due to the racist treatment of the African-Americans by some racist elements in the law enforcement authorities. One such example is the “George Floyd Killing”. And the crimes or even suspicion on which these people were killed are the same ones on which members of the other population group would simply be arrested.


Although it is a simple meme, it successfully forces us to think about the flaws in our system and how we treat our minorities.

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