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Alex Ross Batman: 10 Best Batman Artworks

Alex Ross Batman

The name Alex Ross should strike many chords in the comic community, not just for DC but also for Marvel Comics. Alex Ross’ work has even gone beyond the comic space, designing artwork for big projects like the academy awards. His work has brought one of the best designs for the Caped Crusader: The Alex Ross Batman.

Alex Ross began drawing art at the age of 3. He learned the art of drawing from his mother, who was also an artist. Ross went on to study painting at the American Academy of Art, Chicago.  

One notable fact about his work is how they often turn out with a startling resemblance to reality. This gives his work certain attention to detail, leading to comic book characters’ best depictions ever seen. The Batman is no exception. Here are 10 of the best Alex Ross Batman artworks he has ever created:

Alex Ross Batman: Scars

This rendition of the Batman sees Alex Ross paint Bruce Wayne showing off his scars from battles as the Dark Knight. Before him hangs the Cape, and it is a reminder of the effects of crimefighting on Bruce’s body in detail.

The work shows the war wounds. It’s like an athlete’s scars from surgery or how a war hero comes back home bloodied and bruised. Batman fights crime every night, and he pays the price for it. The painting is a great reminder in life that nothing comes free.

Alex Ross Batman: Gotham Knight

gotham knight

This art was drawn using Giclee on Hand-torn paper and features the Gotham Knight staring into the distance. It is an intense still, much like most of Ross’s work. It stands out because it instills the idea of fear and seriousness that Batman embodies.

Batman is not playing around. He takes his crime-fighting seriously, and the picture does a great job showing this. The piece of art shows how talented Alex Ross is.

Alex Ross Batman: Mind If I Cut In?

It can sometimes be difficult to capture the essence of Batman, the Joker, or Harley Quinn. However, in this still, Alex Ross captures all three of them in one scene. Here we see Batman apprehend the clown prince of crime and his second-in-command. Of course, both look unfazed by the situation they are in, as always.

Harley Quinn is also not a full-on villain either. She ends up being an ally of Batman-like Catwoman, but it isn’t straightforward. You can see that in this picture. It’s almost like she loves being captured by Batman.

The Bat-Man!

The Spotlight shines on the masked detective in this artwork from 2018. If that mean scowl on Batman’s face isn’t enough to scare the evil out of criminals and villains alike, nothing else can.

The image does a great job of showing how Batman lurks in the dark. He comes to light only when he wants to be seen, and he does that to keep bad guys on their toes.

Dynamic Duo

The spotlight shines once again, except this time, it shines not only on Batman but the Boy Wonder as well. The Dynamic Duo is almost unstoppable, and it’s not hard to see why in this set. They look amazing!


How many times have we heard Batman say, “I work alone”? Perhaps one too many. However, we’ve seen The Caped Crusader at his finest with other heroes and his best with Trinity. Ross brings these three iconic characters into life in stunning detail, and this artwork grips you in awe.

Here you have one of the most iconic Justice League pictures ever. It captures the very essence of what the Justice League is all about. You can see the confidence and swagger oozing out of this voice.

Batman: War On Crime

War On Crime is notable for being the best-selling paperback of the year 1999. The storyline sees Batman take on crime in Gotham’s Bayside area, but this time as Bruce Wayne. It reaches into the deeper psyche of Batman/Bruce Wayne, and Ross’s designs are all the greater in bringing it all t life.

Heroes: Batman

Here we see the Masked Bat in full regalia, striking an intimidating pose. His cape flows in the wind, and you get a sense of intensity just from looking at him.

Not a fan favorite of his work, like the post, is awkward, and it’s not fully understood when and why he would be standing like this. His outfit looks like a new school on top and a school on the bottom, which is weird.

Batman and the Shadow

This is the cover art for the Batman/ Shadow crossover event. It is the second part of the crossover series and is published by Dynamite Comics and DC. It follows the team of both titular characters as they attempt to solve an unusual crime.


Batman. Robin. Batgirl. Three iconic members of the Bat-family. This special cover art was made for the 50th issue of The Batman series. It is a variant cover for the issue, drawn by Alex Ross and available as an exclusive to mark the issue where Batman finally ties the knot with Selina Kyle.

The image is rare because you don’t get very many pictures of Batman smiling. As stated above, he is a serious character. Alex Ross was not scared to break out of the box with this.