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13 Holy Batman Phrases: Robin’s Weirdest Catchphrases

Holy Batman

The 1960s Batman TV show was an iconic show that laid the foundation for everything we have as Batman on the big screen today. That series walked just so many incarnations of Batman could soar in the air. It was all shades of campy, but it never made one single creative mistake. Also incredibly good, widely considered to be one of the best TV offerings of its time. It had one takeaway — the “Holy Batman” catchphrase. 

The Boy Wonder is credited for this incredible entry in the history of catchphrases. During the run of the show, Robin uses the Holy Batman catchphrase about 359 different times. That’s almost enough for each day of the year. 

The catchphrase has spawn memes, gifs, and other forms of media in today’s world. It’s safe to call it a pop culture reference in its own right. It usually involves Robin meeting something with wonder or excitement and going “Holy (the subject of discussion), Batman!”. So if they faced evil monkeys, he would go, “Holy evil monkeys, Batman!”

Often, it would just be “holy + whatever subject they were talking about.” 

It sure made for some interesting and unusual dialogue. 

There’s surely too much to pick from. But Here are some of the weirdest ‘Holy Batman’ catchphrases in existence. 

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13. Holy Batman: Holy Oleo!

In the second season of the show, the episode Hot off The Griddle sees Gotham villain Catwoman capture The Dynamic Duo. They are strapped to aluminum grills, and two giant magnifying glasses are placed above them. Catwoman intends to grill them using the sun’s rays. As she spreads margarine on them, Robin screams, “Holy Oleo!”

Oleo is old slang for a brand of margarine named oleomargarine. Although it’s outdated now and reserved for crossword folk, it was pretty popular back in the day and it makes sense that Robin made that statement since he was literally covered in the substance.

12. Holy Batman: Holy Graf Zeppelin!

In the “The Puzzles are Coming” episode, the Puzzler traps the dynamic duo on a hot air balloon. They are about 20,000 feet in the hair, and Robin exclaims, “Holy Graf Zeppelin.” This is about how Zeppelin used to carry passengers at that time. It was called the LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin.

11. Holy Batman: Holy Pianola!

Season two probably features some of the best Holy Batman phrases. In the episode “The Devil’s Fingers,” Chandelle the evil attempts to feed the dynamic duo into a machine. The machine is used to make punch cards for player pianos, and as the process starts, Robin exclaims, “Holy Batman.” Of course, most people don’t even remember what pianolas are

10. Holy Rheostat!

The Rheostat is a term for a device that is used to control electrical currents with variable resistance. It’s all science stuff, but the punch line comes in Season One’s “Ma Parker” episode. The Dynamic Duo is strapped to electric chairs about to receive a buzzing—the boy Wonder screams about the Rheostat. Interestingly no one calls the device a Rheostat anymore. It is now a potentiometer.

9. Holy Tintinnabulation!

Robin screams this in an episode with bells. Tintinnabulation refers to the ringing of bells. However, it’s quite a mouthful of an expression, and it’s funny because only Robin could use it as an exclamation.

8. Holy Bunions!

The episode Hot Off The Griddle is iconic for so many reasons. In a series of events, we see Catwoman repeatedly scheme to capture Batman and Robin. In this particular scene, the two are caught in a room with hot red floors. As they bounce off one foot to the other in pain, Robin screams, “Holy Bunions.” It’s truly one of the hilarious points to watch in the entire series. It’s a comedic scene for the ages. 

7. Holy Batman: Holy Nightmare!

Surviving an attempt to finally put a stop to their crimefighting antics permanently by Penguin, the two return to the Batcave. They decide a little R and R is in order and settle down with glasses of milk. But Robin is still so tense after the encounter, and him screaming Holy Nightmare with a glass of milk is a combination of adorable and humorous.

6. Holy Uncanny Photographic Mental Processes!

We’ve always known that Batman is one of the smartest men alive. But even Robin, who works and lives side by side with him, is occasionally surprised as well. In the season two episode titled “Batman’s Satisfaction,” Batman looks at a bowl of alphabet soup and calculates that three letters are missing from the bowl.  It’s a feat that impresses Robin a lot, enough for him to proclaim “holy uncanny photographic mental processes!”

5. Holy Contributing to the Delinquency of Minors!

In a confrontation with Lady Prudence in a season one episode titled “The Londinium Larcenies,” the Lady tells Robin she possesses an MS in finishing school. Unsure what it means, Robin asks what the MS stands for. Lady Prudence tells him it’s a Mistress of Shoplifting, prompting Robin to remark with “holy contributing to the delinquency of minors!”

4. Holy Knit One, Purl Two!

Season Three’s “Nora Clavicle and the Ladies’ Crime Club” sees the Dynamic Duo alongside Batgirl intertwined into one giant knot. In response to this idea, Robin makes this remark about the stitch pattern instructions.

3. Holy Bouncy Boiler Plate!

When they face off (no pun intended) against the criminal False Face in the episode “True or False Face,” they figure out his next hit will take place at the Ladd Armored Car Company. They attempt to foil his nefarious plans, and strangely Robin shouts out, “holy bouncy boilerplate!”. You heard that right. It’s such a strange thing to say, and it’s even weirder when you consider the stakes.  

2. Holy Reshevsky!

Some of Robin’s references are totally bonkers. Others don’t even make sense. Some make references to actual things. However, now and then, Robin does reference historical figures. Even the obscure ones. While playing chess as Bruce and Dick, the Boy Wonder sees a move and exclaims, “holy Reshevsky!” This is him referencing Samuel Reshevsky. He was a Polish-born American chess grandmaster prominent in the 20th century. 

1. Holy Paderewski!

Making another reference to a historical figure, Robin references the pianist who became a prime minister, Ignacy Jan Paderewski. This happens as they endure yet another adventure involving a piano.

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