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12 Most Unrealistic Batman Scenes

Most Outrageous Batman Scenes

Here at Batman Factor, we are clearly huge fans of Batman! But that does not mean we don’t realize that some of the movies have had some incredibly unrealistic Batman scenes. These don’t all make the movies bad, but they make you roll your eyes and go NO WAY!

Sometimes we give movies slack to do ridiculous things to advance the plot, but sometimes they go so far that you can’t give them the slack that you can’t deal with it. The following scenes are the ones that make you ask what if or outright scream at your TV.

12. Shoot Him In The Head *(1989 Batman)

When the Joker charges into Vicki Vale’s house unannounced and Bruce Wayne happens to be there, the movie should have been done right here. First, Bruce pulls the absolute coward’s move and leaves her alone by herself for a bit, making her feel like he has abandoned her.

He does this because he knows how dangerous the Joker is, so he grows to grab a mental plate to stop a bullet. There are two big problems. The first being, what if he shot him in the head? The movie would be done. If the Joker is as crazy as he is, let’s be real he would have shot him in the head.

The second issue is that he put a lot of trust in that thin tray to stop a bullet. What if he pulled out a much more serious gun? What if it didn’t work? Bruce was not making smart moves here.

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11. The Vault Scene (Batman Forever)

The vault robbing scene at the beginning of Batman Forever hurt, and it set the tone for how many unrealistic Batman scenes this movie was going to produce.

For some reason, the movie’s direction was very over the top in both dialogue and colors. In this scene, you see a security guard tied up in a vault as bait for Batman. Then Two-Face pulls the vault out of the building.

When Batman is in there, and the vault begins to fill with Acid, he uses the security guard’s hearing aid to break out of the vault. The entire time this guard will not shut his mouth.

They get out, and Batman manages to swing the vault right back into the spot it was in before. The amount of precision needed to pull this off makes you mad right away.

10. The Joker Pull (1989 Batman)

The Joker is never represented as a strong character in this movie. To pull off what he did at the end of the movie to get Batman and Vicki over the edge at the same time was just too unreal.

Do you know how hard it would be to pull two grown human beings over the edge that fast at the same time with one hand while you’re on the ledge?

The scene was so good, and I love how it ended, but this one clip was just so stupid. It’s one of the most unrealistic Batman scenes because of the sheer stupidity of it. At best, he could have pulled Vicki vale over but not without a serious struggle.

9. Get In Your Batman Suit Right Away (Batman Forever)

The second that Bruce Wayne realized that Two-Face was in the building, he knew it would be trouble. He should have left right away to suit up. Think about the Dark Knight scene when The Joker came to Bruce Wayne’s Penthouse; Bruce got into uniform quickly.

If the same were done here, there would have been lives saved. Instead, he sat there like everyone else as if someone else would do something about it, and it just makes you so mad as you watch.

8. Obsession With Freezing Things to Break Through (Batman & Robin)

There are many problems with Batman & Robin, but the fact that Mr. Freeze thinks you can break through anything as long as you freeze it is so unreal. He will freeze metal, cement, or any other material, and then his car will bust through it like it’s not even there.

One of the biggest problems with the movie is how invincible the ice is. It really can’t be stopped by anything, and Mr. Freeze has no issue dealing with it. Yet, he hires normal humans who are working for him. Why? Why would they want Gotham to be frozen? It isn’t terrific!

7. Rubber Lips (Batman & Robin)

Batman & Robin spend the entire movie lusting over this woman. Robin decides to go in for a kiss with Rubber lips. But shows her the rubber lips so quickly and so close? She could have snuck a nice wet one so fast. Also, he is acting like she did not fully try and end his life.

What he should have done is never gone! But since he did and he had rubber lips, why not either act like it was killing him to learn more about her plan or why not get farther from her before revealing his rubber lips. It’s all just not very smart.

6. Final Bane Fight (Dark Knight Rises)

The final fight of Dark Knight rises makes me so mad. Bane literally just tore Batman a new ass hole. Batman, all of a sudden, comes back way stronger and demolishes him. Like the first fight was not even close. Batman literally cut the lights out and everything, and he still got folded like a lawn chair.

Suddenly, this big fight breaks out, and it’s like all of Bane’s guys know not to jump in. the first fight made sense because he was winning but this time, he was getting destroyed, and no one even helped him. No one saw his mask starting to break and fail him?

It’s also amazing that there are so many guns in this small area, and no one pulls it out to shoot. It’s like everyone is secretly allowing this fight to happen for the final scene, but life is not like that at all./

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5. Penguin Takes The Wheel (Batman Returns)

Overall I think the scene was done well, and it was an interesting twist. But it could have been more well thought out. How can Batman have a car that could locate the random external device’s exact location but not pre-warn him about it? We would have been ok with this scene had it not been for him to locate it.

The technology to find where the device was led to him punching through the Batmobile to get to the outside of the car. The Batmobile is supposed to be a secure car; for a person to just punch through to the outside is straight trash. The scene started with potential and ended with no doubt it should be on the most unrealistic batman scenes list.

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4. I’ll Kill the Bus Driver (Dark Knight)

The beginning dark knight scene gets you right into the movie from the jump. It starts with action and more action. Everything seemed well planned and well timed at first, but then it goes so well-timed that it’s just outrageous and hard to believe. The Joker set the whole thing up so that there are fewer cuts, and he kept getting people to kill other guys on the job.

The problem is that one guy got shot up the job, so that was one less man that they did not account for. Then at the end, he says, the Joker probably told you to kill me, and he responds no, I kill the bus driver, and second later, the guy plows through. Say he caught one extra red light and was 30 seconds late; then the joker is dead. It’s just timing that could not be more perfect.

3. Wayne Manor Security (Multiple Movies)

The security at Wayne Manor for some of these movies is such garbage. In Batman Forever, there are two breaches to the Batcave. Then in Dark Knight, the Joker and his guys get up into the Penthouse. In Batman Begins the bad guys get into Wayne Manor and in Dark Knight Rises Bane breaks Batman’s Back right underneath his nose.

Batman needs to invest heavily in some more security. Has he not heard of the home security system? Could he not get someone to build him a custom security system? It just makes me mad that he never figures out how to up his security.

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2. Batman Kidnaps Lau (Dark Knight)

When Batman kidnaps Lau from China, it’s one of the coolest scenes in Batman’s history. There is no doubt that it’s one of our favorites. It’s so memorizing that you forget how unrealistic it is. The plane literally flies super low over their central business district. China would not let that fly.

There would so many steps to get that mission to work. The timing, the technology, and everything again, it would need to all be perfect. This is the most legit scene on this list, but it’s still an unrealistic Batman scene.

1. The Joker is Still Standing? (Dark Knight)

The most ridiculous of them all comes from the Dark Knight again after the Joker gets caught. There are so many variables that he did not know would happen. After he gets caught, the only reason he gets out of the interrogation room is that Batman threw his head into the glass, and that gave him a weapon, but he did not know that would happen.

When he is in the interrogation room, it also makes no sense why they out a cop on the inside for him to run his mouth too. Suddenly, he is outside of the locked room, and no one really knows how.

They give him a phone call, and he knew that the guy with the phone would reach jail at the same time as him. Then when the bomb goes off, it kills everyone but him. It’s not even right how bad this scene is.

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Final Thoughts on The Most Unrealistic Batman Scenes

You can still enjoy all of the Batman movies, but you have to go into them knowing that there are a few unrealistic Batman scenes in each movie that you can’t wrap your head around. That is ok to know that you would have made the scenes a bit more realistic.