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10 Most Heartwarming Batman Scenes

While there are certainly some insane fight scenes and out-of-this-world war machines, the universe is also filled with heartwarming Batman scenes

Batman is a franchise known for dark backstories and a lot of action. Anyone deep in the franchise knows that, at its core, Batman is about family. Losing Bruce’s parents at a young age (and having a little too much money on his hands) is the entire foundation of the caped crusader. While there are certainly some insane fight scenes and out-of-this-world war machines, the universe is also filled with heartwarming Batman scenes that can bring you to tears.

The band of misfits that make up the Batfamily is full of tragedy and passion. Every once in a while, fans get a moment where a glimmer of light shines through the dark and gloomy streets of Gotham and brings up heartwarming scenes. Be warned as

10. Father’s Day

If there is one member of the Batfamily who enjoys some extra love – it’s Alfred Pennyworth. In addition to practically raising nearly every member of the Batfamily (including Bruce himself), he is a loyal comrade that lies waiting in the cave to deal with any trouble.

Although he makes sarcastic comments here and there, he deals with his role without much complaint – staying up late, playing doctor, and maintaining the mansion virtually alone. It’s not often that he begs for (and gets) a little break from his bat-duties.

While Bruce would never force him to do anything he doesn’t want to, Alfred feels the need to do any and everything he can to protect his family. He’s pretty surprised when Batman takes a rare break to let him relax during a rebirth annual issue. Although it seems a bit out of the blue, in the end, it’s revealed that it’s Father’s Day.

We are just getting started on the most Heartwarming Batman scenes!

9. Jason’s Prized Memory

Jason Todd is a pretty depressing character. As the one former Robin who constantly stands against Bruce’s methods, it’s difficult for the Red Hood and Batman to ever see eye-to-eye. However he wants to portray himself, Jason cares more about Bruce than he lets on.

When he must offer his most treasured memory as a “deposit,” it’s revealed that his favorite moment in the world took place during his Robin days. It wasn’t his debut into crime-fighting or first time behind the batmobile that did it for him.

Instead, his best memory was the one time he got sick, and Bruce stayed back with him to watch movies instead of making rounds.

8. Superman and Batman Double-Date

Although readers are more than aware of how their love story ended (as of now), the entire arc of Bruce and Selina’s engagement was amazing. Batman constantly breaks his stone-cold character and makes himself vulnerable when he proposes to Selina.

While this seems like a time to celebrate – Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne are so preciously awkward debating how to approach it. Both consider each other good friends but are shyly waiting for the other to say so.

Luckily it all resolves itself with an adorable (and hilarious) twist of Bruce and Selina going on a double date with Louis and Clark. What makes it even better is that they have to switch costumes. The lighthearted interactions are a rare and welcome event between the two best friends that humanizes both of them.

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7. Selina and Damian Bond

Clark and Louis weren’t the only ones to bond with Selina Kyle. Bruce’s son, Damian Wayne, is a little rougher around the edges than DC’s mild-mannered boy scout. After Damian’s cat gets presumably kidnapped (along with others), Robin and Catwoman find themselves fighting on the same side to free them.

While Damian spends the whole time maintaining his suspicion, Selina really steps in and acts like a “mom.” More surprising than what Catwoman does with the “prize money” is Damian outright asking her if she and Bruce will have kids.

It’s a real moment where the two get mutual respect, and you get to see Damian acting a little more age-appropriate when it comes to the prospect of a stepmom.

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6. Killer Croc Saves Roy Harper

There are a lot of dark storylines in the DC universe, but there are some less-exaggerated tragedies that hit close to home for many readers. Roy Harper, better known as Speedy or the Arsenal, is a fan favorite that suffers from some very real problems.

Roy has a substance abuse problem that was pretty controversial when introduced into the storyline back during the heroin epidemic in the U.S.

Harper is such a sympathetic and real character that his flashbacks pull at your heartstrings. After joining the outlaws, it’s revealed that his struggles with addiction and subsequent issues with his mentor, Green Arrow, left him at rock bottom. Luckily, he found a savior where you’d least expect it.

While essentially trying to end his life in a fight with Killer Croc, Waylon Jones realizes the young hero is just looking for “an easy way out.” What makes this depressing moment heartwarming is that Waylon steps up to be a surprisingly great mentor (and A.A. sponsor) that helps get Harper sober and on his feet.

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5. Batman Sits with Ace

The Justice League animated series is full of some fantastic moments that highlight the warmer side of the DC heroes. In an episode where a meta-human, Ace, is about to die, it’s none other than Batman who stays with her, so she doesn’t have to die alone. It’s an unforgettable scene that shows just the kind of person Batman is.

4. “Payback for Grayson.”

Damian’s (short-lived) death was rather depressing. However, it brought the opportunity for writers to show another side of Damian. Dick-Damian moments are a fan favorite since it seems Nightwing was more of a role model than Batman.

As Damian practically “bleeds a need for acceptance,” it’s no surprise that he went above and beyond to try to outshine the first boy wonder.

During his time as Batman, while he was training Robin, he talked about this story of an encounter with a bad guy he never fully beat. It turns out Damian went ahead and finished off the job for him, showing he was paying attention and did care.

Considering the state of the universe at the time, it was a bittersweet moment that left Alfred, Bruce, and Dick, all nostalgic for the boy.

3. Alfred’s Funeral

While superhero deaths are notoriously short-lived, Alfred Pennyworth remains in the grave. It’s been quite some time since Bane finished off the Wayne family butler, and many readers are wondering if his death really is for good. Although his death was arguably one of the most devastating events in the Batman universe, he did have a good send-off.

After his funeral, the entire Batfamily got together to reminisce about all the times Alfred was there for them. While the overall tone was super depressing, seeing these fun little glimpses into the life of Alfred and his interactions with the heroes was incredibly heartwarming.

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2. Bruce Adopts Dick

Dick and Bruce have fought like father and son throughout the comic iterations. Bruce took him in as a young boy and raised him (along with Alfred). Bruce’s standoffish nature often leads him to express himself in a complicated way that doesn’t always register with the more socially capable family members. In a rare moment of affection, Bruce hands Dick some legal paperwork.

He insists it’s purely symbolic as Dick is already an adult and doesn’t need to be signed, but he just thought it was important for him to draft it up. Dick simply replies with “I love you too,” and adds his signature to his adoption. Its so close to being one of the best heartwarming Batman scenes.

1. Alfred’s Note to Dick (Most Heartwarming Batman Scenes)

One of the more devastating parts of Alfred’s death was that Dick wasn’t Dick for it. The entire event took place in the notorious “Ric” arc that was only recently dealt with. In the recent Nightwing issue, there were a lot of heartwarming moments to celebrate.

Between cute flashbacks and rescuing a three-legged puppy, arguably the best moment was when Barbara Gordon delivered the last testament of Alfred to the former boy wonder.

It turns out that Alfred was not only a billionaire who stayed a butler because he wanted to, but he left everything to Dick. The heartwarming letter ends off by saying that they know they don’t say it aloud, but Alfred is proud to call Dick his son.

There have been many noteworthy moments in the last 80+ years of the Batman universe. Let us know what you think? Were we missing heartwarming Batman scenes? What were your favorites?