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10 Amazing Batman Shoes You Can Afford

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Here is a list of ten amazing batman shoes that would, without a doubt, boost your Batman Factor if you wear them. There is no doubt that wearing Batman shoes is a great way to let people know that you’re a Batman fan.

Don’t be surprised if people start to call you Bruce Wayne either. After wearing these shoes, you may even want to start training in martial arts and learn how to become the Dark Knight when you get off work.

When a lot of people think about Batman shoes, they probably think of the classic shoes you would see a little kid wearing. We have those covered on the list but most of the shoes are for adults. They can be customized or worn in many different situations. Lets get right into it!

10. Batman Superhero Shoes With Custom Personalized Name

This is a must-have footwear for every Batman fan. At $65.65, you can have your name, or any name you wish, customized on the outside of these low-top shoes. The same name will appear on the same sides of both shoes.

The insoles of the shoes are made of fabric, while the upper material is Canvas. The outsoles are made of cow muscle for exceptional durability and high grip. They are lightweight to ensure maximum comfort. They are available in both male and female sizes. 

9. Batman Logo Slippers For Men

DC Comics Batman Slippers Logo
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These are the perfect slip-on for every iconic DC Superhero fan who likes to kick back and relax superhero style. They are excellent for keeping your feet warm and comfy while you still get to rock your superhero style. Across the front panel is the iconic Batman logo printed in large print. 

These open-back slippers come in black. They are made of soft polyester material that your feet can be snug in. The soles are sturdy, with a firm grip. 

As an official Batman product that features the iconic Batman logo, a pair of these would make an ideal for a family member or friend who is a DC fan. They are just between $20 to $23. That’s super affordable. 

8. Adult Custom Batman Converse

These Batman converse are handmade. They come in both low and high-top. The tongues have Batman logos printed on them. You can have your name customized on the sides of the shoes. Upon ordering, there is a notes box where you can reference the name you would like to customize on your shoes.

According to customer reviews, shipping is surprisingly quick. And you won’t be disappointed when your order arrives. 

7. Batman Beyond Men’s High-top Sneakers

Keep your fashion sense lit and impressive with these exceptionally comfortable high-top canvas sneakers with high-quality prints. They are made of 27.87 oz Nylon Canvas. Available in 6-14 US sizes. And they are 5” calf height. The interior design is in black. And the outsoles are made with durability in mind. They come in smaller sizes than usual, so it’s suggested that you size up while ordering. 

6. Batman Flats For Women

These are handmade Batman glitter flats for women. Available in colors black and gold. With the Batman logo on the outside of the shoes. Only materials that run true to size are used. But if you need a wide size, all you have to do is ask.

You can work with the sellers to make custom shoes for you according to your taste. And in case you are a bride and your wedding is coming up, you get free customization. Excellent! 

5. DC Batman Shoes w/ Velcro for Kids

Josmo Kids Unisex-Child Batman Themed Sneaker
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Any Batman fan can rock in these DC Batman shoes as a child. If you kids can’t tie their shoes yet, no problem! You have to allow kids to express their love for the greatest superhero ever to live. If you stifle their love, they may just not like you for a while. These are the type of shoes kids will love so much that they want to sleep in them.

4. Comic Book / Batman Inspired – Custom Hand Painted Converse Sneakers

This DC Comic: Batman-themed shoes are authentic, hand-painted, customized converse sneakers. They are made with high-quality paint and materials. Personal customization is available. These shoes are all one of a kind, and you will be sure to stand out with a pair of these.

3. Converse Unisex x Batman x Chinatown Market Chuck

Converse Unisex x Batman x Chinatown Market Chuck 70 Hi Mouse/Purple/Batman
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The Converse x Batman x Chinatown Market Chuck 70 High Top LONG LIVE THE BAT is Chinatown Market addition to Batman’s 80th-anniversary collection.  It features a 3D printed, glow-in-the-dark Gotham skyline.

The black canvas is provided with a whole new dimension with the classic, illustrated Bat-Signal. These are the perfect pair of shoes for diehard  Batman fans who love to pay homage to the Dark Knight as a movie and comic book hero. 

2. Batman Signal Women’s Cozy Slipper Socks DC Comics Licensed

Batman Signal Womens Cozy Slipper Socks DC Comics Licensed (S/M)
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DC Comics officially licenses these Batman women’s slippers. It’s made of 100% polyester to keep your feet warm and comfy. The super-soft slippers are lined with cozy faux fur. They feature a non-slip rubber tread.  They are true to size so that you can order in your usual size. 

1. Batman Sneakers 5 Designs

Make this summer an adventurous and carefree one with a pair of Batman sneakers made just for you. They come in five different designs, so you can choose the pair that perfectly suits your needs.

The inside of the shoes is lined with soft fabric, which provides your feet with comfort wherever your day takes you. It is suggested you size up upon ordering because the shoes come one or two sizes small.

Final Thoughts On The Best Batman Shoes

When you look at the best Batman shoes, you can’t help but to want to get a pair for yourself. These shoes cover everything from slippers to clean shoes you can wear with a crisp pair of jeans. The one thing you have to love about Batman is that he is such a popular character that you can find so many unique offerings.

People are willing to make handcrafted items featuring Batman because they love the character so much. Keep your eyes open for other Batman gear you may love. These articles may also help you find more gear.