There is perhaps no other gadget in Batman’s utility belt as iconic and as longstanding as the batarang.  Though its recent form is shown to be more of a shuriken or bat-shaped throwing star, the batarang’s origin began as a true boomerang concept; always returning to the Dark Knight after performing a variety of stupendous feats.

Origin of Batarang

Artisan boomerang maker Vic Poulin has created a real life batarang capable of doing just that (well, maybe not as many stupendous feats).  His handcrafted batarangs are made from 10-ply, 5mm finish birchwood available in either left or right handed designs.  When thrown by someone with some degree of boomerang skill, they demonstrate an incredible flight time.  Even more astonishing is the speed and accuracy in which they return.

Vic’s batarangs are sold in two sizes, shown in the videos below…

The 14-inch, designed for “experienced throwers”:

…and the 25-inch “Big Daddy” that while clearly accurate with an amazing flight distance, is intended more for display purposes, as it looks like it could very well split you in two on the return path:

While they may not be radar-guided, razor-sharp, remote controlled, or fold up into the size of a quarter, Vic Poulin’s real life batarangs show a masterful level of woodworking, and are a sight to behold when in action.

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