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The Batarang Pocket-knife – $9.99

They say there are a 1000 uses for a good knife, meaning there’s likely unlimited potential for a batarang knife.  The Icetek Sports Batman Dual Blade Knife fits comfortably in…..

3 minutes read

TRITON – The Real Life Underwater Rebreather

A utility belt essential for decades, a rebreather has always been depicted as a small tube Batman could whip out and use to breath underwater indefinitely without the need for surfacing…..

3 minutes read

The Lampster: Saving Boring Desks Everywhere

Look at the closest lamp. I’m betting that’s the first time you’ve even done that since you put it there.  They go unnoticed or appreciated; their stark lifeless forms providing a…..

1 minute read

Three Amazing Real Life Batcaves

The batcave is more than a secret bunker where Bruce Wayne can perform forensic analysis and one-armed pull-ups.  It represents a place of power and rejuvenation, where he can gather…..

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5 Batman Car Accessories for Under $50

While a true Batmobile can cost millions, here are 5 car accessories that can give even the most unassuming car a little more of a Batman Factor, without breaking the bank. Bat-signal…..

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DTV Shredder – The Rideable Tank-Board

A fantastical blend of skateboard, ATV, and battle tank, the DTV Shredder breaks new ground (literally) in the world of off-road vehicles. The DTV (standing for Dual Track Vehicle) is controlled…..

4 minutes read

CamCarry – The Classy Camera Bag

Camera bags are notoriously ragged pouches of synthetic material swinging wildly from their wearer’s neck, ironically holstering incredibly expensive equipment that took a massive R&D department to design.  Functional, but not exactly…..

2 minutes read

Need a Spring in Your Step? Enko Running Shoes

Will they help you leap tall buildings in a single bound?  Well, not quite, but Enko running shoes hope to provide unbeatable shock absorption, all while making you look semi-bionic. Using a slick…..