1 minute read

GoGlove – Wearable Wireless Remote

Be they snowboarder or superhero, anyone who needs to wear bulky gloves on a regular basis knows interacting with tiny buttons and touch-screens isn’t easy.  GoGlove aims to solve that problem with…..

2 minutes read

Helmet Dawg HD100 – Batman Motorcycle Helmet

First we presented you with the real life Batsuit, then the Stealth Electric superbike, now the finishing touch for your Batman motorcycle fantasy:  The Helmet Dawg HD100: Starting with a DOT approved…..

2 minutes read

StashBelt: The Real Life Utility Belt

While it may not have enough room to store batarangs and a miniature crime lab, StashBelt offers a creative solution to keeping your valuables safe on the go. Ideal for…..

1 minute read

Ember Equipment’s Modular Backpack

Need to carry your iPad, laptop, camera, backup laptop, and a week’s supplies into the wilderness?  Ember Equipment’s Modular Urban Backpack has you covered. The pack starts out with 20…..

2 minutes read

Eyez: Video Recording Sunglasses

Recording home movies has never been so stylish. The idea of video recording glasses might bring to mind bulky, old school FBI glasses with a wire leading off somewhere behind…..