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The Self-Heating, Auto-Tightening Smartshoe

Consider for a moment the things we carry on us daily: watches, glasses, wallets, backpacks, rings – all of which are now available with upgraded “smart” versions.  While progress may…..

4 minutes read

Top 10 Batman Motorcycle Accessories

Batman and motorcycles go together like butlers and British accents.  Since its debut in 1966 the Batcycle has gone through many iterations as the technology and style of the times change……

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The Bulletproof Briefcase – Your Personal Shield

The Multi-Threat-Shield (MTS) from Force Training Institute  can stop a .44 Magnum cold, withstand a knife attack and hold your iPad all while weighing only 8lbs.  It does this through a hidden layer…..

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Pangolin Renegade Motorcycle Backpack

Part armadillo, part superhero armor, Pangolin’s Renegade backpack is unique to say the least.  The outer segments collapse into each other to reveal the inner compartment, which is large enough to…..

6 minutes read

The Top 10 LEGO Batman Sets

They say that legos have proven to be a better investment than gold, and for the people willing to shell out $500+ for some of these sets we hope that’s…..

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CamCarry – The Classy Camera Bag

Camera bags are notoriously ragged pouches of synthetic material swinging wildly from their wearer’s neck, ironically holstering incredibly expensive equipment that took a massive R&D department to design.  Functional, but not exactly…..

1 minute read

GoGlove – Wearable Wireless Remote

Be they snowboarder or superhero, anyone who needs to wear bulky gloves on a regular basis knows interacting with tiny buttons and touch-screens isn’t easy.  GoGlove aims to solve that problem with…..

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Helmet Dawg HD100 – Batman Motorcycle Helmet

First we presented you with the real life Batsuit, then the Stealth Electric superbike, now the finishing touch for your Batman motorcycle fantasy:  The Helmet Dawg HD100: Starting with a DOT approved…..

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StashBelt: The Real Life Utility Belt

While it may not have enough room to store batarangs and a miniature crime lab, StashBelt offers a creative solution to keeping your valuables safe on the go. Ideal for…..