1 minute read

The Real Life Batarang

There is perhaps no other gadget in Batman’s utility belt as iconic and as longstanding as the batarang.  Though its recent form is shown to be more of a shuriken or bat-shaped throwing…..

2 minutes read

Cloak and Dagger Multitools

With 18+ reasons to whip them out of your utility belt, the Cloak and Dagger multitools are a titanium duo fit for any undertaking. Their creator, Jeff Morin, knows a thing…..

2 minutes read

Keyport Slide 2.0 – The Ultimate Keychain

For most people the word “keychain” conjures up the image of a gnarled, tangled ring, whose keys are inexorably bound to a nail-splitting spiral that never produces the right key at…..

2 minutes read

Ring: Ultra Small Wearable Device

Ring is a small wearable device that gives you control of just about anything with a simple wave of your finger, and has enough features to make even Gollum jealous……