3 minutes read

This Phone Can See in the Dark: The CAT S60

  When you think of heavy machinery maker Caterpillar you might not exactly picture smartphones, but with the CAT S60 they’ve proven they can not only make ultra-durable phones, they can make…..

2 minutes read

Pyro-Mini: Wrist-Mounted Flamethrower

Small enough to be hidden behind a credit card, the Pyro-Mini allows you to shoot bursts of flame from your wrists. The latest Pyro model from Magician supplier Ellusionist, the…..

1 minute read

The Bulletproof Briefcase – Your Personal Shield

The Multi-Threat-Shield (MTS) from Force Training Institute  can stop a .44 Magnum cold, withstand a knife attack and hold your iPad all while weighing only 8lbs.  It does this through a hidden layer…..

2 minutes read

The Batarang Pocket-knife – $9.99

They say there are a 1000 uses for a good knife, meaning there’s likely unlimited potential for a batarang knife.  The Icetek Sports Batman Dual Blade Knife fits comfortably in…..

3 minutes read

TRITON – The Real Life Underwater Rebreather

A utility belt essential for decades, a rebreather has always been depicted as a small tube Batman could whip out and use to breath underwater indefinitely without the need for surfacing…..

3 minutes read

The Lampster: Saving Boring Desks Everywhere

Look at the closest lamp. I’m betting that’s the first time you’ve even done that since you put it there.  They go unnoticed or appreciated; their stark lifeless forms providing a…..

1 minute read

The Real Life Batarang

There is perhaps no other gadget in Batman’s utility belt as iconic and as longstanding as the batarang.  Though its recent form is shown to be more of a shuriken or bat-shaped throwing…..