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The Self-Heating, Auto-Tightening Smartshoe

Consider for a moment the things we carry on us daily: watches, glasses, wallets, backpacks, rings – all of which are now available with upgraded “smart” versions.  While progress may…..

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Top 10 Best Batman Costumes for Sale

Finding the best Batman costume among the hundreds for sale is not a task to be taken lightly.  Between the dozens of costume variations and mind-boggling price ranges the choices…..

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The Bulletproof T-Shirt: The X-Shirt

Bulletproof clothing has come a long way from the 60lb suits of armor worn in the 16th century.  From 30 layers of silk in Japan to modern kevlar vests worn today comes the newest iteration:…..

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Need a Spring in Your Step? Enko Running Shoes

Will they help you leap tall buildings in a single bound?  Well, not quite, but Enko running shoes hope to provide unbeatable shock absorption, all while making you look semi-bionic. Using a slick…..

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Arkham Knight Motorcycle Suit

Having already established themselves as crafting the highest quality costume replicas out there, UD Replicas has done it again with their brand new Arkham Knight motorcycle suit.  Based on the…..

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Hero HoodieZ

For those looking for a more subtle, everyday homage to their favorite pop culture icons, Hero Hoodiez could be the perfect fit. Designed by Michael Alen, the cotton/poly blend zip-up…..

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Batman Beyond Leather Jacket – UD Replicas

As hinted at in our last post about real life batsuits, UD Replicas has recently released their Batman Beyond Leather Street Jacket.  Like the other suits in their Dark Knight…..

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The Real Life Batsuit

Make no mistake, this is not a costume. Kevlar, tear resistant mesh, and impact absorbing gel packs make this the closest you can come to having a true Dark Knight…..